MS Waikato maintains a library of books, and other relevant DVDs and publications to support both clients and their families. These resources are free for members to borrow.

Please contact us if you wish to reserve a copy of one of these.

Multiple Sclerosis Books

300 tips for Making life with Multiple Sclerosis - Shelley Peterman Schwarz

A Sundog Moment - Sharon Baldacci

Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis - Allen C Bowling

As for tomorrow, I cannot say - Diana Neutze

Blindsided Living a Life Above Illness - Richard M Cohen

But you look so Good

Coffee in the Cereal - Lorna Moorhead

Coping and Prevailing with MS and other Life struggles - Thomas Bayuk

Fall down Laughing - David L Lander

Golden Girl - Betty Cuthbert

How to talk about MS with your children - MS & Parkinson Society, Canterbury Inc

Journey to wholeness Multiple Sclerosis - Barbara Marie Brewster, Dr David Ros, Megan Burgess, Dr John Mottersheau, Dr Paul Talbot

Learning to Live with Multiple Sclerosis - Robert Povey, Robin Dowie, Gillian Prett

Life on Cripple Creek: Essays on living with MS - Dean Kraner

Living Beyond MS: A Woman's Guide - Judith Lynn Nicholas

Me and My Shadow - Carole Mackie

MS and having a baby - Judy Graham

MS for Dummies - Kalb, Holland, Giesser

Multiple Sclerosis / A Guide for Patients - Labe C Scheinberg

Multiple Sclerosis / a guide for the newly diagnosed - Nancy Holland, T. J. Murray, S Reingold

Multiple Sclerosis / A Self Help Guide to its Management - Judy Graham

Multiple Sclerosis / Beaten against all the odds - Gerald Green

Multiple Sclerosis / exploring sickness and health - Elizabeth Forsythe

Multiple Sclerosis / Simple Exercises - Gill Robinson

Multiple Sclerosis / Special diet cookbook - Geraldine Fitzgerald and Lennella Briscoe

Multiple Sclerosis / The first year - Margaret Blackstone

Multiple Sclerosis - A Guide for Families - Rosalind C Kalb

Multiple Sclerosis Fact Book - Richard Lechtenberg

Multiple Sclerosis in Rehabilitation - Rudy Capideo & Audrey Maxwell

Multiple Sclerosis Q & A - Beth Ann Hill

Multiple Stories - Melissa Martin MSSNZ

Overcoming MS - Professor George Jelinek

People with MS Courage to Give - Jackie Waldman

Poems from the Potting Shed - Lynne Roberts

Recovering from MS - Professor George Jelinek and Karen Law

Symptom Management in MS - 3rd Edition - Randall T Sharpe

Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis - 1st Edition - Professor George Jelinek

Taking Control of Multiple Sclerosis - 2nd Edition - Professor George Jelinek

Tap dancing/s Out Then - Gary Campbell

The Image of MS - Jake Tenneson

The MS Diet Book / a low fat diet for MS - Swank

Towards a United Voice / Book 1 - A History of MSSN - Miriam Clark

Waist-High in the World - Nancy Mairs

When the Road Turns / Inspirational Stories - Margot Russell

Why not Me / My journey with MS - Anna Healey

Women Living with MS - Judith Lynn

Children's books on MS

Book 2 Benjamin My mum is special - Stephanie Lazao

Myelin is getting on my Nerves - MS and Parkinson Society of Canterbury

How to talk about MS with your children - MS and Parkinson/s Society of Canterbury

General Books

Chronic Pain / a self management plan - Mary Schmidt

Coming to Grief - Pam Heaney

Don/t Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens - Richard Carlson

Getting real lessons in life, marriage and family - Dr Phil McGraw (4 CD/s)

Handling it / you and your long term disease - Susan Molloy

Homes without Barriers / a guide to accessible houses - Allan Bulleyment

Learning to Fall / the Blessings of an Imperfect Life - Philip Simmons

Life Strategies / Doing what works, doing what matters - Phil McGraw

Off the Front Foot - Mark Inglis

On Any Given Day - Joe Martin and Ross Yockey

Recipes for those with Swallowing Difficulties - MND Association

Self Matters / Creating your Life from the Inside Out - Phil McGraw

Simply Yoga / Video and Book - Yolanda Pettimato

The Anatomy of Hope / how people prevail in the face of - Jerome Groopman

The Art of Happiness / A Handbook for Living - The Dalai Lama

Treat your Own Back - Robin McKenzie

Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albor