A bequest is simply a gift to charity; it can make a lasting difference to assist with the continuity of our support services.  No matter how small or large the gift it will be greatly appreciated.  A gift in your will is one way to leave a lasting legacy that will continue long after you are gone and by donating to MS Waikato helps us to continue to support those affected by Multiple Sclerosis and allied neurological conditions well into the future.  The donation can be for a specific amount or a %.

A bequest is made through your will. If you already have a will this can be updated with your bequest, we suggest you take legal advice from your solicitor.

Having a will is important as it allows you to say how you want your property to be dealt with when you die. If you don’t have a will the law will determine how your estate is divided, and may cause your loved ones more heart ache if they are not able to sort things in accordance with your wishes.

For more information on making a will you can visit the New Zealand Law Society and view the section ‘making a will and estate administration’.