ms waikato staff

Client Service Manager, MS

Liz Hogan has been employed by MSWT since 2005. Although not employed as a nurse in her current role, she has worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. Liz completed a BAppSocSci (Social Work) in 2013 and is enjoying applying her learning to the role.

Liz is married with 3 adult children and in her spare time can be found running, biking, gardening or engrossed in a good book.

Client Service Coordinator, HD and ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia

Tracey joined the MS Waikato Trust team after completing her Social Science degree majored in counseling. Although not employed as a counselor, her skills are useful in everyday interaction and encounters. Understanding human nature intrigues her and has been a life-long passion, along with her own journey of spiritual enlightenment.

Tracey is married with two boys, one a teenager and one in his late 20’s. She enjoys reading, being creative, and just ‘being’ with family and friends.

Client Service Coordinator MS/HD

Karen joined the MS Waikato team in March 2015. She has a background in District Nursing

She is married. Has three adult sons and loves being a nana to one grandson. She enjoys family time, hiking, quilting, traveling and a good red wine.

Administration Manager

Janet has been with MS Waikato since February 2005. With a back ground in business studies and finance, Janet emigrated from the UK in 2003.

Janet is married with two teenagers. In her spare time she enjoys tramping, Pilates and spending time with family and friends.